2 Post Car Lifts For Sale Near Me

If you're in the market for a new car lift, there are many great options to consider. Atlas(r) brand 2 post car lifts have been the industry leader for over 40 years. Sign in to your Mechanic Superstore plus … They are renowned for their quality and low prices. There are Baseplate, Overhead, and ALI-certified models to choose from.

Mohawk's TP-26

The TP-26 two-post car lift has a heavy-duty design that can handle heavy vehicles, while providing full under-vehicle access and distributing the load over the entire shop floor. The two posts are crafted of heavy-duty 7" x 1" forklift masts and feature a carriage with twenty-four self-lubricating steel ball bearing rollers. In addition, this lift has a clear floor surface mounted design and stainless steel hydraulic lines. In addition, it can be easily installed without digging the ground.

This Mohawk two post car lift uses direct drive lifting rods to minimize wear and tear. This design also has low profile three-stage arms with high-strength steel plates, which meet national and local ANSI codes. This model also features single point mechanical lock releases for safety.

Mohawk's ML-220

If you're looking for an inexpensive, two-post car lift, you may want to check out Mohawk's ML-220. This lift is capable of lifting light-duty vehicles up to 20,000 pounds. It uses a direct-drive hydraulic system with no chains or cables.

It can accommodate both passenger and light-duty vehicles and is made to be easy to use and maintain. Mohawk offers a two-year warranty on all of their lifts. All models are available in surface, flush and recessed mount configurations. They are available with optional features, such as rolling wheel free jacks and track lighting. Galvanized versions are also available.

Challenger Lifts' I12PRO

Challenger Lifts' I12PRO 2 Post Car Lift is an affordable lift with a 12,000 lb. capacity. It has a symmetric rear and front arm system and geared arm restraints. It also comes with the required adapters for lifting trucks.

The I12PRO is gold certified and comes with a 12,000 lb capacity. It also features two heavy-duty push hydraulic cylinders located in the carriage and column. The lift is protected by a durable powder coat finish. The lift's heavy duty lift arms are also held in place by spring-operated arm restraints.

Titan Premier Series 9K Clearfloor

Whether you're a weekend mechanic or a high-volume auto repair shop, Titan Premier Series 9K Clearfloor 2 post automotive lifts offer best-in-class features and unmatched fit and finish. Built to last, these automotive lifts feature an internal hydraulic hose and equalizing cable for a clean, streamlined install.

Titan Lifts are backed by a five-year warranty. They are manufactured to meet or exceed national and international standards for quality and safety. You can choose from different height and width options. Titan's Clearfloor two-post car lift models feature a clear floor space for easy mobility of automotive equipment under the lifted vehicle.

Mohawk's System-1

Mohawk is the leading supplier of heavy-duty automotive lifts. Its range of service lifts is environmentally-friendly and offers capacities from 7,000 to 240,000 pounds. Additionally, Mohawk offers the industry's most comprehensive warranty. This warranty covers parts and labor, so you'll never have to worry about the quality of your lift.

For added security, Mohawk 2 post car lifts have all-position mechanical locks that engage automatically every three inches to reach the full lifting height, which begins at 5" off the floor.

Other features include patented infinite-position internal hydraulic safeties backed by external pressure compensated flow controls and velocity fuse valving. These lifts are also equipped with Swing arm restraints, which engage automatically when the car is lifted and disengage automatically when the vehicle is fully lowered.

The System-1 2 post car lift is a great solution for car and light truck servicing. The 10,000-lb lifting capacity makes it ideal for public works vehicles. System-1 features Mohawk's patented hydraulic synchronization system.